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We provide a bunch of different offers that may be of an interest to you. At our hotels we will find you any type of entertainment taking into account your wishes.

Weddings, christenings, social event.
In perhaps the most beautiful part of the castle city in front of Kellia, the great bastion, and the temple of Panagia Chrysafitissa in unique atrium available, the Marriage, the Baptism, the social event can turn into a memorable unique event, a everlasting memory that will accompany the path of your life.
In a wonderful natural cinema setting with images from the depths of centuries, full of history, culture and art, will be transformed into live scenes your commemorative photos. Under the shade of trees, a cool glass of wine from the famous local Malvasia, a few candles, and the magical sound of the saxophone make the special moments, a life experience ….

Ready to explore local tasting routes?

Wine tasting
In a tasteful building,marked by the local traditional architecture,and more precisely at the “Mura Rossa” room(according to the Venetian it means Red Rock), which is situated at the ground floor,where wood and stone coexist in harmony for centuries,we await you for a special wine tasting experience overlooking the Myrtoan sea.
The worldwide famous “Malvasia” wine,an ensemble of palate,colours and redolence,a local product that once, only the rich could marvel, will travel you back in unique and reputable times of glory. Known around the world,intoxicating and wandering,passion and lust for many,it was born and kneaded inside the vaulted arches of this castle town.Moreover,40 and plus labels of noble wine varieties such as Kydonitsa, Petroulianos, Malagouzia, Asproudes and Asyrtiko, Mauroudi and Agiorgitiko ensure a wine experience like no other,preserving the myth during that long and intense trip at the place that gave birth to the legendary greek poet Giannis Ritsos.

Olive Oil tasting
Nature was extremely generous towards this beautiful place,providing it with another product of high quality and extreme taste,the olive oil.
The olive oil,one of the most important products is inextricably associated with the history of Monemvasia.
The extremely rare variety “Athinoelia” provides us with a high quality,low acidity olive oil with a beautiful green color and fruity taste.
In our organic farm  in the region of Sorakas,which is situated a few kilometers from Monemvasia,for many years,Papadakis family has been producing with traditional organic farming methods this one of a kind olive oil from the “Athinoelia” variety.This remarkable olive oil is available for tasting in our place,a tasting characterized by unique aromas and vivid colors,enhanced by other local products of high nutritional value.

At the “Mura Rossa” room,we organize nights of tasting of these local goodies,with presentation of local products,from various local producers.